Make an Exciting and Information Power Point Presentation


Most of us who have attended seminars, meetings, conventions and other group conferences, in most probability would have to listen and view various presentations. Some of these presentations could be boring, exciting or interesting. These different situations will make you realize that you have to do something different when it would be your turn to make a presentation. From your own experiences, you would aim to get a positive review from your audience and should not make them think that they have wasted their time listening to you. In other words, you should aim to have a short, interesting, and effective power point presentation, and there are solutions that can help you known as lean solutions.


Presentation templates are the effective methods that you will use to give information and solution to the audience within a short period of time without wasting both of your time. This means giving business solutions to your audiences through a power point presentation that is simple and clear. Organizing small meetings in order to discuss new ideas or issues can also be made effective using some Google documents to create your power point presentations. You can do this by sharing the URL of the presentation created earlier to your audience, and the audience can ask questions or feedback during the small meeting by typing on the page being displayed during the presentation. It is advisable to use more relevant pictures in your slide and less text-contents.


Bear in mind that a power point should always complement, reinforce what you are saying and to graphically display the information so that it will be easy to understand. And so to ensure that your slides are effective and doing the job to create an effective, impressive and memorable presentation, there are some guidelines to follow. Check out for more info about Google slides.


Remember that looks are important. Make sure that your slides are aesthetically pleasing. Remember the 30pt rule, meaning never use a font smaller than 30 pt.  Make your fonts interesting. There are millions of fonts available and you can make your presentation exciting using various fonts to emphasize some points. Especially for business meetings, refrain from using too much animation, just be consistent and make emphasis on important points with varying size of fonts and cool colors. If you like to emphasize a point with pictures, use professional images. There are many of these good photographs on the internet that you can use.


Remember that people have short attention spans and so it is good to refresh their memories by turning your slides power presentation into a follow-up tool, save it as a file and email it to the attendees, or add it to your website, or record it and save as a podcast.

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